300zx Z32/ R chassis Skyline Super Lock Combo - 15% off

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Price as configured: US$1,046.87

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15% off combo price

The new GKTECH Super Lock combo is designed for those that are looking for a combo as opposed to piecing a kit together one by one and for buying as a combo we are offering a 15% discount. Mix and match from a range of different options to suit your specific setup. Ie. You may or may not need every option available and as such we're not making it a requirement to purchase every required option in order to get the 15% discount (note that the LCA's and knuckles are required to be purchased in order for this to be a considered a "combo" however every other option is just that, an option)

Super Lock Chromoly LCA's
The Super Lock LCA's are available in 2 different lengths and are chassis specific. In most cases the shorter LCA's will be sufficient and the longer LCA's will in most cases only be able to be used when running wider front guards. The further the LCA is wound out the less likely there will be any issues with wheel clearance to the chassis rail. Order the type of LCA based on the chassis. Ie. if you have an R32, order R32 LCA's.

LCA length options:
S13/R32 adjustable from +9mm through to +44mm
S13/R32 adjutable from +39mm through to +74mm
S14/S15/R33/R34 adjustable from 0mm (OEM lenght) through to +35mm
S14/S15/R33/R34 adjustable from +30mm through to +65mm

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Ball joint shank options:
Available to suit either S13/R32 or S14/S15/R33/R34 knuckles. Order the type of ball joint shank based on the knuckle that you are running. If if you're running R33 knuckles on an R32 you need an R33 ball joint shank.

V2 Super Lock knuckles:
Available to suit either R32 orR33/R34 ball joints (that's the only difference).

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Optional items:

Rack spacers - Offset or non offset?

If you are looking for more steering lock then rack spacers are required. Offset rack spacers are required to help avoid steering bind if you have not relocated your steering rack. If you have relocated your steering rack then then non offset rack spacers are the way to go. If you aren't looking for more steering lock and you're using your car for grip racing then rack spacers are not required.

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Offset rack spacers
Bolt on rack spacers

Inner Tie rods
Depending on whether you run rack spacers or not and also the length that you set the LCA at you will need different length inner tie rods. We have made a 14mm tie inner tie rod that had enough adjustment to suit any configuration with our LCA's/knuckles. Note that these will only work with 14mm tie rod ends.

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High misalignment outer tie rod ends - 12mm or 14mm?
Although not absolutely required running our high misalignment spherical outer tie rod ends will assist in the feel of your steering and they do have bump steer adjustment. Available in both 12mm and 14mm although 14mm are recommended for drifting however note that you will need to be running the corresponding inner tie rod size.

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  1. Perfect setup for grip and angle Review by Jamie

    I have owned this kit on my R34 Drift car for 6 months now and have trialled many different wheel alignment setting and front tyre specs. I am running 18x9.5+15 with a 15mm spacer on the front, 235 semi slick, no rubbing and plenty of clearance on the kit. I get at least 65 degrees of steering angle which is enough to get me out of sticky situations. This kit keeps Ackerman which is very handy with snappy transitions, this not only makes the car react quicker but feels cooler and looks cooler too. The steering feedback is more refined that stock with the increase in steering angle. I am super happy with the kit and would recommend to anyone with an R chassis. (Posted on 21/04/17)

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